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Uni-Arch was established in 2003 by Pauline Fisher and Madelein Prinsloo. We practice as Professional Architectural Technologists, registered as such through SACAP and governed by their policies.

Our vision is to provide clients with a personalized and truly individual service, where we accompany each client through the visualization and realization of there dream home.

Should a client require it, Uni-Arch also assist’s in the specifications of the finnishing’s as well as in the interior design of the various projects. Included, is our ability to assist in the office interior layouts and corporate spatial planning designs.

Uni-Arch specializes in up market residential housing as well as developments. Over the past few years there has been an increase for bed & breakfast guest houses.

As far as developments are concerned, we have enough experience to help those clients who wish to enter into the development market for the first time. Our extensive knowledge of the required approval process’ will assist in getting the development off the ground. Our expertise has helped developers in successfully completing complex projects including, townhouses, cluster complex’s, office complex’s, and shopping centers.

The secret of our success is designing for ‘lifestyle’. Quality designed buildings and especially homes need to accommodate atmosphere and create a positive emotion in the person that is experiencing the design. Professional Architectural Technologists are limited to certain design criteria as prescribed by SACAP, see www.sacapsa.com.

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